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Certain acts can be rewarded by promotion, other acts can be rewarded by these special awards that appear next to your name in the members section. Once you have an award it's permanent and you won't get the same award again.

AwardNameAwarded for
Trashbin awardPosting 500 messages on the forum
Quark splitter awardPosting 5000 messages on the forum
Award of the Purple BunnyDefeating -=SLX=-Prospero in 1on1 (Non-UMS)
Brainbuster SwordWinning 50 games of StarCraft
Brainbuster AxeWinning 50 games of Broodwar
PackmasterRecruiting 5 new members (that is, if they complete the signup)
Noobie StarWinning a clan tourney
Double Noobie StarWinning the CSTL

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