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Here's a list of pages that are worth visiting. Note that we no longer have any allies or enemies, just a couple of clans we consider friends. (If we had enemies, how would we fight them anyway? As if they would break up if we beat them at a couple of games - Like that's going to happen anyway).

Game related pages

Blizzard Entertainment
StarCraft Legacy
Creepcolony's Skillful StarCraft
Brass knuckles webzine Blizzard Guild Review

Our friends

Gundam Wing
Does anyone know a link to Clan Kill 'em All's website?
Clan Tysan
Freedom Fighters - Yes, Freezer and I ended our quarrel, which seemed a fair thing to do since I started the whole thing.
Cauldron Born - -=SLX=-Assasin left us and founded this clan (though I believe it started before he left).

Other pages worth looking at

Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Device - I have my own pair, but I'm not sure if I'm Immortal now. Ask me again when I'm 80. They have however increased my physical performance.
Marshall Brain's HowStuffWorks - For those eager to learn something about anything.
If you feel bad
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