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I will post updates and such here, this way you can always check if something happened. Do take in mind that I use the Dutch way of noting dates (day-month-year)

12-08-2001 - Added awards page

We now have awards for certain acts, you can see them on the Awards page. Also check the members page to see if you have any!

11-08-2001 - Tourney failed

Because 3 of our members failed to show up, without notification, and there were strange latency problems with 2 of the remaining players, the tourney was unable to take place. The members that failed to show up will be banned unless they apologize.

09-08-2001 - Added CSTL page

I added a page with information about the Clan Slitherox Team League.

08-08-2001 - Added location to member page

I added the location of each of our players in the members page. I took the location from the Join forms so if anything is incorrect please inform me.

03-08-2001 - Rules simplified

Since the rules were constructed way too complicated, I thought I'd make them easier to comprehend (works better for the council too).

02-08-2001 - Top 200 StarCraft pages

I've decided to follow the advice of (FF)Freezer and enter us in the Top 200 StarCraft sites. This means you all have to vote, so we can get a high place and maybe get some new members. Just click the banner to the left.

31-07-2001 - -=SLX=-Kierae banned

The council and I have decided to Ban -=SLX=-Kierae from the clan. He has been banned for disconnecting, not knowing the rules, refusing to change his name at first, and (subliminally) accusing the Chief for lying.

29-07-2001 - Added Tourney page

We've been discussing a Tourney on our Forum, so I decided to add info on it here.

27-07-2001 - Added United Nations logo to Menu bar

With yet ANOTHER Nazi clan starting an infestation on, I decided I wanted something to show we do not discriminate, so I took the liberty of adding the logo of the United Nations to the menu bar accompanied by the sentence Equality for all. If anyone disagrees please tell me.

22-07-2001 - Fixed the Join form

Fixed an error in the join form that allowed new members to choose names that wouldn't fit when they would request an account on Thanks -=SLX=-Warlord for pointing that out.

20-07-2001 - Clan reorganisation complete

I wanted to do some serious reorganising for about a month now, but I never really took the time to do it, also, I wanted a new homepage, so I just took place behind my computer and started typing. I wasn't satisfied with the current homepage design, so I completely deleted it and started from scratch (Though I did use nearly the same intro screen). I suggest you all take a look around and see what has changed. Also check out the ranks page to see what rank you have been given.

18-07-2001 - Reconfigured bot

I finally figured out how to set my bot so you can use the !online feature. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about. When you are in the Clan Channel (Public Chat Slitherox), and you type !online (or whisper it to the bot, Slitherox) it will give you a list of all clanmembers that are online.
© 2001 Jeroen Steenbeeke