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I introduced ranks because some of my members were asking for them, and I figured it may help me get some more members. Anyway, here's a list of all possible ranks and their duties and privileges.

Chief1Make rules, decide on members, moderate forum, promotionsMaintain the homepage, run a bot, recruit members
Councilmember3Moderate forum, Evaluate rulesRecruit members
Honor Guard5Moderate forumEvaluate members
Warrior-Once you're a Warrior you can't be demoted to Trainee-
Trainee--Learn game basics

So how do you get promoted? Well easy, the highest ranks go to the most active and trustworthy people. If you are very active you can easily get a high rank. If your activity suddenly drops, you can also be demoted. Normally the Chief decides on promotions, but Councilmembers and Honor Guard have great influence as well. If you are a Trainee and you wish to become a warrior, you must pass the initiation. The initiation is just a simple game in which you show what skills you have. (You can avoid starting as a Trainee altogether by sending a replay upon joining or when you are recruited on the web).
© 2001 Jeroen Steenbeeke