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In the past I have experienced the thing I hate most: INACTIVITY! I hate only seeing people on my Local Area Network, it gets boring. So I have made these rules to keep the clan active and I hope to get some more people this way.

General rules

  1. Use our clanname only for Blizzard Games.
  2. Name change is not necessary, but the older members have -=SLX=- in front of their names.
  3. You are not allowed to be in any other clans that play Blizzard games. There are a few exceptions. Ask on the forum
  4. Do not discriminate.
  5. Do not hack, cheat or disconnect
  6. Keep your password and CD-key secret
  7. Know the rules

Interaction rules

  1. Do not backstab or pk anyone (unless ordered by a higher ranking member)
  2. Do not start wars with other clans, we are not a warring clan.
  3. You must obey a member with higher rank, but only within a game.
  4. Treat other people the way you wish to be treated.
  5. Rules decided before a game are to be obeyed. (That includes 40 minutes no rush even though it's rediculous). However, if your opponent breaks those rules first, this rule is nullified.
  6. No newbiebashing (taking advantage of weaker players to score wins).

Rules for keeping the clan intact

  1. Check the clanchannel once a week. Also, you must post on the forum once a week.
  2. You can temporarily be excused from certain rules if you have a valid reason (vacation, illness)
  3. Everybody may try to recruit. Potential members must be sent to this homepage so they can go through proper sign up routine. See the ranks page for details on who must recruit.
  4. New rules can be created by Councilmembers and the Chief. Rules can also be removed by them. New rules must be approved by the majority of all members with the rank of Executioner or higher. Removing or altering a rule must also be approved.
Breaking these rules will result in a warning, and if you still break them afterwards you will be thrown out.
© 2001 Jeroen Steenbeeke